Increases production efficiency

Flexibility, a compact and simple design, and ease of use are the hallmarks of the new 5-side milling machine from GF Machining Solutions.


Flexible and efficient

Airbag shooting device

Leverage flexibility with many different Milling processes with tools from ø 4 up to 40 mm. Do roughing with high removal rate or mill perfect surface finishes.

Produce better and cheaper

Surgical support device

Reduce opertationing time and costs. Thanks to the ridgid machine construction and the powerful 20,000 rpm motor Spindle, process time can be improved and production costs can be reduced. 

Flip over but stay accurate and stable

Concentricity challenge

Thanks to the torque-driven rotary table, positioning accuracy on five-sided parts is ensured and reapitability within 10 µm is secured. General mechanics industry.